Brilliant Breathing for Better Health – free PDF

Click on the link below for your downloadable PDF of easy breathing techniques, for you or for your whole family – these are kid-friendly practices. (To download, just right-click and save). As always in Yoga, practise with ease, notice the after-effects, and don’t strive or push. Instead of “taking” a breath, just let the breath happen, […]

Free Breath Mindfulness recording!

I really struggled with breathing before Yoga. I didn’t even realise I wasn’t breathing properly until I began practising Yoga. Then I realised that years of mental stress and back pain had led to me only ever taking half-breaths. Or no breaths at all, if I was concentrating, thinking hard, or doing anything tricky! Yoga […]

3 simple steps to better breathing

Breath awareness is one of the most transformative and health-enhancing tools I’ve discovered through yoga practice. The benefits of healthy, relaxed breathing include: good energy levels, clearer thinking, a more relaxed body, and a calm, peaceful mind. Whether you practice yoga or not, here are some simple steps that anyone can take to better breathing and a more relaxed body and mind: […]