Nice things people say

“Having lost a lot of mobility due to a car accident, having fusions and cage in my neck I’m pleased to say this instructor has me back on track with movement no one thought I’d have. Thank you Alison I can only recommend people give it a go she keeps me in safe range of movement and pain free longer”. – Lorraine

“I love Yoga because I can do it at my own level. I always feel relaxed after a class. It’s something everyone can do.” – Bec

“Hi Alison, I just wanted to say thanks for tonight’s session. My Normally stiff and sore legs feel amazing. Cheers” – Dave

“Hi Alison,  I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed yesterday’s class, and I also had the best nights sleep last night. The best I’ve had in a long time. See you again.”. – Emily.

“I love Yoga, it makes me feel so fit. Also relaxes me. I am 75 years in age and I feel great. Yoga is a slow way of stretching and twisting your body and toning, slowly building up strength in your muscles. I can now walk 5 kms easily, garden, climb ladders to reach windows then still look for more to do! I go to class once a week. Also do it at home when I have time. Yoga is not only for the young, it is great for the over 60’s too.” – Joyce

“I’ve been doing yoga for nearly 2 years now and I love the way it makes me feel. Relaxed, refreshed, energised and focused. It helps me find balace throughout my everyday life. I feel healthy and motivated. Alison is a great teacher I just love all of her classes!” -Jess

“Yoga breathing alone helps me if I have trouble sleeping and I feel relaxed after class and de-stressed. The best part – it is the easiest exercise I have ever done” – Jill

“You were so organised and the content of the workshop was spot on for winter. I feel I got great value for money” – Greta

“I like the gentleness of the class (the atmosphere) and the lack of pressure to perform. I feel great afterwards.” – Jen

“I’m not a particularly athletic person and not wanting to join a gym but feeling that I should do some type of exercise I decided to go to yoga. Yoga classes at Huon Valley Yoga are held at various locations and at different times of the day during the week, and Alison, who runs the classes is so warm and caring so there is absolutely no excuse or reason for me not to go. So having dealt with my procrastination what do I get out of going to yoga? On a physical level I enjoy the stretches from the many different poses, knowing that in a gentle way the stretches are very beneficial, especially as I am getting older and would like to keep everything working with ease and pain free for as long as possible. On a mental and emotional level I find yoga to be very calming and balancing, which is something that I hadn’t expected to experience quite so deeply. I find that I have gained far more out of doing yoga than I had expected and most of all I enjoy yoga, it’s nice to do and it makes me feel good about myself.” – Alis

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