YogaNurture Weekends

~There’s something deeply effective about taking a retreat, and some amazing benefits you get from the accumulative nature of taking a couple of days out to truly nourish yourself on […]

Free Breath Mindfulness recording!

I really struggled with breathing before Yoga. I didn’t even realise I wasn’t breathing properly until I began practising Yoga. Then I realised that years of mental stress and back pain had led to me only ever taking half-breaths. Or no breaths at all, if I was concentrating, thinking hard, […]

Build your own Yoga practice

While it’s very beneficial to come to a class regularly, there is nothing like having your very own Yoga practice to really reap the benefits of Yoga in the most practical way; getting in tune with your own body & intuition, using poses that can help you balance what you do physically […]

Welcome to Huon Valley Yoga, the friendly mobile Yoga service for Southern Tasmania. We believe that anyone can find more ease in body, breath & mind through Yoga. We know first-hand that the ancient, yet relevant & practical tools of Yoga can help us today more than ever to regain our energy and serenity. Whether you’d like […]

Recipe for Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are currently my favourite easy-to-make healthy snack for munching between teaching Yoga sessions! There are loads of recipes around the net for bliss balls.  You can experiment with different nuts & seeds, and you can make these ones without oats, or with dried berries instead of cocao. They’re highly adaptable […]