Too much Kale!

The blessing of having an abundance of Kale in the garden led me to discover¬†two new delicious quick and easy snacks. 1. Kale and Sweet Potato Balls This is adapted from a recipe by Hallie Klecker. 6 cups of cubed sweet potato 2 cups finely chopped kale, de-stemmed a bunch of chopped chives or 2 […]

Better Sleep Yoga – a healthy bedtime Hot Chocolate recipe

I’ve never been a naturally good sleeper. I was a child who yelled and sleep-walked and dreamed of interesting monsters, growing up to an adult who has super-powered ear-drums even when unconscious (my husband says a mouse farting would wake me up). Hence my interest in Yoga tools that can help with sleep. I can […]

Cashew Cacao Coconut Cranberry Christmas Balls!

These are my Christmas version of my favourite easy snack, Bliss Balls! Scrumptious, Christmassy and healthy sweet treats that are so easy to make – just whack everything into a food processor and then shape into bite-sized balls. I’ve been taking them along to end-of-year gatherings and they disappear very quickly! Most kids enjoy¬†making these […]