About Us

Huon Valley Yoga is a personalised mobile Yoga service providing practical Yoga tools for modern life for the community of the stunning Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania and also online.

A typical Huon Valley Yoga session begins with breath awareness & other mindfulness techniques, followed by mindful movement and Yoga Asana, and ending with relaxation techniques. We craft the best possible session to most benefit the people in front of us. We believe anyone can enjoy Yoga and we’re committed to offering friendly and supportive Yoga tuition.

About us…

Alison Eastland, Founder, Huon Valley YogaAlison square cropped copy

I love sharing the benefits of Yoga with all kinds of people, of all ages, whether it’s for an individual, a family, or a group of friends in the home or workplace, or through one of our public classes.

Practising Yoga and living a Yoga lifestyle has enabled me to feel healthy, energetic, and strong, as well as feeling more at peace with life. As someone who spent my younger years chronically ill and in pain, I appreciate every day of being able to enjoy my life fully. That’s why, for over 10 years now, my passion has been sharing Yoga with others.

I specialise in Yoga for pain management, stress management, and back care, as well as for mindfulness and pure joy. I’m a Rainbow Kids Yoga certified teacher and have also completed training in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga with Baby Bliss Yoga. And I’m always learning!

You can read more about why I came to Yoga, or find out how to work with me long distance, whether in Tasmania, or from interstate or overseas at www.alisoneastland.com

Nicole Berkhout, YANicole

Nicole first discovered the benefits of Yoga in 1994, a release from the stresses of corporate life. Since that time she’s practiced many different styles and in the last 10 years after becoming a mum, Yoga became not only a lesson for the duration of the practice but a way of life for her.

From Yoga Nicole finds a sense of calmness and ease and her body feels energised and revitalised, stretched and strengthened, mentally and physically. Nicole has a keen interest in anatomy and physiology, how our daily lives impact our body’s capabilities and how through yoga we can nurture ourselves. She designs adult and teenager classes with a focus of flow and connecting breath with movement.  The classes can be as challenging or as gentle as the student chooses, offering variations for all postures to suit all students.  They aim to help students build strength and flexibility in a non-competitive environment, whilst instilling a calm and centred mind.Having 3 young children, Nicole thoroughly enjoys seeing children play with yoga. She has taught children’s yoga and offers classes to schools or small groups. Children’s yoga is about fun. It is about teaching kids body and breath awareness, developing self confidence in a non-competitive environment.
Nicole believes that Yoga is for everyone, from any age and from all walks of life.