Private sessions for individuals, friends, families & groups

Friends after a Yoga sessionNurture your health & well-being with a Private Yoga session in the comfort of your own home tailored to you

… or be guided through some light hearted Yoga in a session specially crafted for you & your friends, workmates or family.

Private sessions tailored to groups or individuals are popular due to the convenience of not having to travel to a class, and the opportunity to tailor the session specifically to the individual or group’s needs. In fact, having many students together all practising the same physical forms in the same way in a Yoga class is quite a recent development in the history of Yoga. Before this, an individual student would be given practices uniquely tailored to his or her unique constitution and character. Our diverse individual clients include:

  • Workplace colleagues or friends who prefer to share a private session together at their workplace or home
  • Busy full-time mums with young children at home
  • People requiring a specific therapeutic approach due to disability or injury.
  • Regular participants of Yoga classes who like to develop a more individually tailored home practice, or delve into aspects of Yoga in more depth
  • Families who enjoy practising Yoga together with children and extended family members, with lots of fun group or partner Yoga activities.
  • People who travel to Hobart for work and get home too late to join a public session or busy professionals with long, demanding hours who prefer a session on their own

FamiliesWe offer private sessions in the comfort of your own home or workplace, all equipment provided, for the same set fee for up to 10 family members, friends or colleagues you’d like to share your session with. This fee can include practice charts if you’d like them, and we’re available to answer any questions between sessions via phone or email. Six or more sessions booked in advance are $80 per session, while once-off sessions are $100.

A small travel fee may apply for some areas

Give us a call on 0400 288 545 to have a chat about private sessions or drop us a line using the form below.

To find out how you can practise Yoga with me and work on a program personally tailored for you, from anywhere in Tasmania, Australia or the world… come and visit me at

Photo of families by Saahza Hensley

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